About Sprugel Talent Management

SPRUGEL TALENT MANAGEMENT is one of the very few representation firms in the country where its owner, John Sprugel, has over fifteen years experience working in local, network and cable newsrooms as well as over ten years experience representing talented broadcasters seeking first-class career management.

The unique combination of a representation firm with news executive experience and talent representation expertise is very rare in our industry today.

John Sprugel knows local and network news operations forwards and backwards. Sprugel is one of only a few agents in our industry who has held almost every position in the news business from photographer, reporter, producer, anchor, assignment manager, executive producer, assistant news director and news director. Sprugel has worked in all market sizes from small to medium to large market and network as well.

"The news industry is a very fascinating and humbling business," said Sprugel. "The people you meet, the places you go, and the privilege and responsibility you have as a journalist is second to none. As we all know news is a very competitive and demanding industry. My personality is one where I love to compete. So, for me, being the first to dig up an exclusive story, finding creative ways to improve our news product or build a newsroom staff where everyone has complete ownership in the product and shares the same goal made my time in the news business very rewarding and eventful."

It's that same competitive drive, enthusiasm and energy that Sprugel brings to work for his clients at Sprugel Talent Management.

"My approach at Sprugel Talent Management is not that much different from when I was a news executive," said Sprugel. "The paradigm is very close. I wanted what was best for my newsroom. I want what's best for my client. I hired newsroom employees sometimes on potential and other times on experience. I want clients with lofty goals, great ambitions, integrity and a burning desire to be the best journalist they can be. I competed everyday with my competing news stations. As your agent I compete everyday to serve you in the marketplace and protect your interests. I provided my newsrooms with direction and leadership. I provide my clients with experience-based opinions, work performance feedback and appropriate career direction."

In the end it's all about personal service at Sprugel Talent Management. You and your career deserve the very best. Why settle for anything less.